Metamorphosis – Brief

Metamorphosis is a brief designed by me and my best friend who is an author. We know we work well together because we have been best friends for years and worked together on The Butterfly Soldier for Narratives last year.

Metamorphosis is a project that pushes the conventions of bookbinding and explores the full potential of the book in a box. When we devised this project, we sat and had a long chat, writing loads of notes down.

This is a large project which is going to span past the end of this module but for how long depends on when I get the pieces of writing I am working with.


As well as taking notes, we both created pinterest boards so we could see where we’re getting influences from.


Love Arts Cover – A long break

The workload on my other projects for Live is getting very heavy, I have a lot of stuff to do and not enough time. Because of this, I am putting this project on the back-burner with the full intention of finishing it when the load gets lighter. Currently, this is its state.


Love Arts Cover – Getting Started

Once I’d taken the photos of hands around teacups, I decided to just get started. I drew out my design and started sewing it. I mainly chose sewing for personal reasons, it is a very comforting process and I can relax while doing it. I also wanted colour in there so I decided to use watercolour so the colours wouldn’t be too hard and abrasive.

DSC_0009DSC_0010 (1)Scan

I want my text to go inside the tea but I am currently trying to work out an arrangement.

Scan 1

Love Arts Cover – Brief and initial thought

Love Arts Festival is looking for someone to design their cover for the brochure/poster image for this year’s festival.

The brief is to design a piece that fits inside a circle in the cover template around the theme of journeys.

When I heard the theme, I immediately thought of recovery and my own journey to getting my mental health to a good level. I made a list of the things that help my mental health as I though personal experience was a good place to start


I got fixated on the cup of tea idea because tea is a comfort for a lot of people so it would allow me to make the image relatable. I decided to take some photos as a reference point for me to begin drawing.



Leeds Zine Fair

At the artist book fair, Jazz and I were approached by someone who asked if we would like to submit to Leeds Zine fair. We each took a flier and shared it with VisCom level 5 but Jazz went out of her way to arrange a table for us and organise all the people exhibiting/selling.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Again I decided to exhibit my ‘Tiny Recommendations’ but I had also just finished a practice book for the project Jazz and I were doing together and had brought it to show her. Jazz insisted I put it on display which was a good plan because it meant I got feedback on that project as well.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

As well as this, Footprint studios were there with a Risograph printer, making a zine in a day and were asking for submissions. I didn’t think I’d have anything as I was sewing a sample for another project but, again, Jazz insisted that I put it in. I used my half finished sample as a positive and it was printed into the zine.


My ‘Tiny Recommendations’ didn’t do as well here as they did at the Artist book fair but I am fine with that because I got other work out there too and many people told me they’d already picked them up at the book fair.

I’m glad Jazz pushed me to put myself out there, it was a really great day talking to people and getting feedback on my work.


All photos courtesy of Jazmin Ali

Delice D’Ivoire – Pattern creation

In the end, I decided to make the pattern digitally as I felt there was more of a guarantee of it turning out the way I wanted it to.


I began by making a square of each colour triangles and then edited them together so I had a pattern I could repeat.


After this I inserted it into the text design I had already made and that made my piece finished.

Sign for Delice Divoire

Delice D’Ivoire – Text testing

After looking around for a while, this was the typeface I decided to use. I think it’s quite free and expressive but also easy to read so it will work for a sign.


I hand drew the text then scanned it in to digitally edit it so it looked cleaner but not so much it lost that handmade feel. When I was drawing it, I didn’t realise I was going to run out of paper so I had to draw the word ‘food!’ separately and edit that in later.IMG_9996.jpg


After cleaning up my type, I went about editing it so it matched the colours of the sign already and was ready to add my pattern.

green2greennon patternback