Working on a live brief was really exciting and made me really carefully consider everything I was doing and saying to make sure I maintained professionalism. Collaborating on a film with a group was an opportunity to experience what it’s like to be part of a production team.

I feel as though we divided labour pretty evenly between us. We all took a lead on the tasks we had the most skills in which meant we were well equipped to create really good work. Getting experience in sound recording, filming, editing, creating film storyboards and making graphics was really valuable and enjoyable. Although I wasn’t able to attend every filming and editing session, I felt very confident in my group’s abilities and when I was there I contributed as much as I could.We worked well as a group, all contributing ideas and taking responsibility for the tasks we were given.

Everyone’s opinions were heard during the process because we all asked for each others input and thought so we could have a well rounded perspective and create something we were all happy with.

When it came to the planning, the amount that we did meant we were well prepared by the time we went to film. We wrote shot lists, planned storyboards, wrote potential questions and talked to the client about what they wanted. We put all of our paperwork together in a folder so that we could refer back to it whenever we needed to. We also created a group chat so that all of us could talk and arrange when to meet to film and edit.This helped a lot with organisation.

Most of the problems we faced came up during filming. The camera battery ran out on the second day, we couldn’t get equipment out at times, there was a lot of background noise on the audio and some of the audio wasn’t even recorded. Despite these issues we had 3 very productive filming days and got all the footage and audio necessary for the film.

For the editing, I mostly just advised and pitched in ideas when cutting everything together. This gave me the opportunity to sit back and look at it with a clear view. The film went through many revisions because we carefully heeded the advice of our tutors. I think this helped us to create a professional looking film. I am particularly happy with my work on the graphics and type. I think they worked out really well and looked classy without looking too standardised and corporate. I feel as though a few of the shots are still slightly discoloured but I think I might just be being hypercritical.

I have learnt a lot about collaboration and that I don’t have to take on every task myself during this brief. Relying on other people has improved my collaboration skills immensely. We have worked hard together to create a documentary that I am really happy with.


Final Film

I am really proud of all the work we’ve done on this film, it was so worth it for the end result. I am really happy with what we’ve all created and think we’ve made an excellent film.


The editing process was done over a long period with all of us pitching in at different times.

Charlie and Rosie began the edit during the première pro workshop to get the audio and footage down so that we had something to work with. They did a really good job with editing the levels of the music and choosing the clips for the intro and the audio didn’t really change that much because we thought what they did worked perfectly. They used the ticking clock shot, that Danny took, first which set the scene for the film really well.


We all then came in to see what Rosie and Charlie had done to work as a group to continue the edit in a meeting where we could all contribute. Charlie and Rosie had logged all the interviews which made the editing process go much quicker and was really helpful when matching up the audio which Rosie took the lead on.


There were parts of the audio that needed serious work so Danny took that away with him to work on as we felt he was the best at audio editing and could do the best job at fixing it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 15.55.56

Once he’d done this it made it much easier for him, Charlie and Rosie to continue the edit, adding in the visual with really clear and crisp audio. Later that day we discussed what sort of type we wanted for name straps, credits, titles and subtitles and decided we wanted to use a smooth, sans-serif font that would look professional and also work well with the Viscom and Bramley Baths logos we were adding at the end.

Charlie and I looked at a variety of sans-serif types and tried them in full caps and lower case with correct caps to see which we liked and felt worked with our film.

In the end we decided on Avenir Medium. We really liked the names in caps but thought that having the names, the roles of our interviewees and subtitles in full caps was a bit too bold so we settled on having the names in full caps and the roles and subtitles in  lower case with correct caps.


Our titles went over quite a bit of revision. Initially we thought we should have the logo at the beginning to tried that.

We didn’t think this worked so we tried using the font Charlie and I picked out instead.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 15.04.26

We felt this looked better but having the ‘Over 60’s classes’ in lowercase wasn’t working but if we put it in full caps, it would clutter the first slide.

Before we changed this, we showed the film to our tutor. She gave us several changes that needed to be made. The film is a bit long and gets repetitive at times. There are sections where the audio levels need adjusting so that they all match each other and sections where the colour needs matching to all the other shots. She noticed that some of the audio was slightly out of sync as well. Some shots needed cutting and changing around so Rosie and I spent some time making these changes. Talking to our tutor was extremely helpful because we hadn’t realised a lot of these changes needed to be made.

The next day Danny, Abbie, Charlie, Chinatsu and I sat down to review the film after Rosie and I’s adjustments. We added all the name straps and changed the titles slightly.

I am really happy with my work on the type and graphics for the film, with the other’s help, I was able to make some really nice graphics and name straps.

Abbie edited the logos so that they were white and transparent so that they could go over the footage at the end.

Once we’d added all the text and graphics, we showed it to our tutor again to see if there were any final edits we needed to make before submission. She told us a few clips needed cutting and replacing, some needed more colour correction and the name straps needed putting up for longer.

Charlie, Danny and I went through and corrected the colour on the clips our tutor highlighted.

screen-shot-2016-04-13-at-14-14-27-1 - Copy

I think we did a good job on matching the colours up the best we could with what we had.

After this all that was left to do was for Danny and Charlie to make some slight audio adjustments and then upload the film.


Extra Filming Day

After the crit, we decided that we needed some more footage so Danny, Charlie and Rosie went in to film some more shots. They took a tripod with them so we could get more stable shots.

After they’d gone in, we had enough footage to get editing.

Group Crit

We had a group crit where we showed our work and explained our ideas to our tutors. These were the notes I took from what was said.

Pick the bits that aren’t shaky
There should be enough to edit together
Use a mix of shots, mid, wide, close ups
Work out times and dates to go back in
The community and docidoe shots are really nice
Watch the connotations of shots
Slow/stabilise the footage
Watch through full interviews to see if they work
Think about graphics, titles, music
Decide when to sit and edit
Plan group time
Good variety of shots
Next time take a spare battery
Construct a narrative through the interviews
Contact Tracey about new filming dates ASAP
Use a tripod
Shoot for longer than you think you need
Explain lack of time to Tracey to help plan visits

Getting these points from our tutors was really helpful with informing how we edited and planned our time going forward.


Abbie and Charlie wrote up the questions for the interviews so we were well prepared and could brief our interviewees before we began filming.

Questions for zumba gold participants:

Why do you come to Bramley Baths?

What do you get out of the class?

Who do you come with?

Have you met anyone else while coming here that has became a friend?

Did you notice a difference after the class?

Why do you keep coming?

Why did you come in the first place?

How would you describe Bramley Baths to other people?

Questions for Jack and Kevin

What is it that keeps you coming back to Bramley Baths?

Are there any other opportunities at Bramley Baths that you would want to get involved with?

How long have you been going to Bramley Baths for?

What is your favourite thing about Bramley Baths?

How helpful and friendly are the staff?

Has coming to Bramley Baths enriched your life?

Questions for Jennie:

How long have you been teaching at Bramley Baths?

What is it about Bramley Baths that keeps you coming back to teach?

Do you enjoy teaching the Over 60’s?

Whats your favourite thing about teaching these groups?

Is there many interesting people?

What other projects are you working on?

What was your life like before teaching at Bramley Baths?

Do you come here for leisure as well as work?

What do you see about the future of Bramley Baths?

We chose to use a directional road mic to make sure the audio for the interviews was good quality and we positioned ourselves near the interviews. We framed the solo interviews according to the rule of thirds to get a good composition for our shots.

Production stills from shooting interviews.

We got all our interviews done across two days which worked in our favour so we had plenty of time to review our footage.


Upon reviewing the audio and footage we realised that we has a lot of background noise for Kevin and Jack’s interviews because we were in the reception of the baths so we had the sound of people coming in and out. We also realised that some parts of the audio hadn’t recorded properly so we couldn’t use parts of the footage. In Jennie’s interview we realised that we had focused on her reflection, not on her face which was a slight problem.

Some of these mistakes can be fixed in post production with clever editing so we’ll have to see what we can do.

Filming day 1&2

Our first two days of filming were very productive. We got 3/4 interviews done and a lot of footage of the class. We all took turns filming and capturing audio to share out the workload.

These are production shots that Charlie and I took of our team filming and recording audio.

These are some screenshots of the background and scene setting shots that Danny took of the baths and gardens.

It was two really good days of filming so now we need to go through everything we have to see if we need to come back for more footage.

Test interview

Charlie, Abbie and Rosie did a test interview with one of our classmates before we began filming to get a feel for how to set up the interviews when we got to filming.

By employing the rule of thirds, the shot was well composed and having the interviewee looking at the interviewer worked really well. I think this is a format we will employ when filming our other interviews.

Storyboard ideas

Taking inspiration from the storyboarding workshop we did in Narratives, Rosie drew our shot list in panels and  we moved them around to try a few different storyboard ideas.


I don’t think we can finalise a storyboard until we actually have our footage and see what we have. We can get a general idea and we know what we want the atmosphere and general message to be so we can use our shot list as a check list and work out the story when we have all the pieces of the narrative and can work out what we’re missing.

Shot List

We started creating a shot list so we had an idea of what to film when we went to Bramley Baths so we would go with a purpose.


As well as this I made a list at another production meeting which includes much of the same, but a few that weren’t on here.

Back of head
Close ups
Water bottles
Tying Shoe lace
Shop in Reception
Equipment in Gym
General Class Shots
Panning across the class
Camera on Skateboard
General relationships between people
General Merriment