Metamorphosis – Work in Progress

The process of making the book is taking longer than I anticipated.

When completed, the book will have white endpapers inside the book box with the title and author’s name inside. The outside will have a gold and white geometric pattern while the borders around the text have a black and gold swirling pattern. The box will tie up to create a smooth cube and the inside pages will fold together to be revealed as the reader pulls them out to read.

Originally I wanted to either typewriter, digital print, letterpress or screenprint the text but due to many constraints, chief of all time, I have had to handwrite everything. This does not have the desired effect but for this version of the book I have no choice.



Metamorphosis – Brief

Metamorphosis is a brief designed by me and my best friend who is an author. We know we work well together because we have been best friends for years and worked together on The Butterfly Soldier for Narratives last year.

Metamorphosis is a project that pushes the conventions of bookbinding and explores the full potential of the book in a box. When we devised this project, we sat and had a long chat, writing loads of notes down.

This is a large project which is going to span past the end of this module but for how long depends on when I get the pieces of writing I am working with.


As well as taking notes, we both created pinterest boards so we could see where we’re getting influences from.