Leeds Zine Fair

At the artist book fair, Jazz and I were approached by someone who asked if we would like to submit to Leeds Zine fair. We each took a flier and shared it with VisCom level 5 but Jazz went out of her way to arrange a table for us and organise all the people exhibiting/selling.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Again I decided to exhibit my ‘Tiny Recommendations’ but I had also just finished a practice book for the project Jazz and I were doing together and had brought it to show her. Jazz insisted I put it on display which was a good plan because it meant I got feedback on that project as well.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

As well as this, Footprint studios were there with a Risograph printer, making a zine in a day and were asking for submissions. I didn’t think I’d have anything as I was sewing a sample for another project but, again, Jazz insisted that I put it in. I used my half finished sample as a positive and it was printed into the zine.


My ‘Tiny Recommendations’ didn’t do as well here as they did at the Artist book fair but I am fine with that because I got other work out there too and many people told me they’d already picked them up at the book fair.

I’m glad Jazz pushed me to put myself out there, it was a really great day talking to people and getting feedback on my work.


All photos courtesy of Jazmin Ali


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