GIDE – Filming

When we were planning, we decided that we would ask the store if we could look at or film their security setup. We made a plan in case they said no, which we thought was the most likely possibility.

When we got to the store, Tamara found the manager and asked him about the security room. Much to our surprise he said yes! We were taken down to the security room and shown the screens. There were a lot more cameras than I had counted originally, many of them were almost completely hidden from the eye.

The concept for our film was that the main character is a very private person who doesn’t like the idea of being filmed, it makes them very paranoid and anxious. Upon entering the store, this person realises that there are cameras and tries to avoid them. The tension is built up with a quickening pace and suspenseful music as the person begins to realise there is no way they can shop in the store and have their privacy.

We felt that I was the most capable person to play the main character which I was fine with but I would have liked to be able to take a directorial role or use the camera.

Using the cameras in the security office to film me walking round the store proved difficult because we had no way of communicating if we’d got the shot or if I needed to redo it because the room where the team were filming was in the basement and it took a few minutes to come up.

After filming the cameras and thanking the manager, we took some shots of me sneaking around the shop normally. We got a lot of footage which meant we had lots to work with when it came to editing.

It was a good day of filming, everyone pitched in and worked together well to get everything we needed.

When we got back from filming, we delegated tasks for editing and poster creation. Li, Tasoula and Angelo would work on the poster while Linda and I would work on the video and Tamara supervised both teams and checked we weren’t going in two different direction.


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