GIDE – Editing

Linda and I both knew a bit about how to use PremierePro so we decided to work together on editing the video. Because her laptop was in German, I had to dictate the editing while she did it.

We thought we could add tension to the video by distorting it as it progressed. Writing a list of ways we could do that helped us to make sure we had our bases covered.


We briefly debated on using facts and reasons for/against cameras in stores so we looked some up but we felt like it wouldn’t really work so we didn’t follow this idea.


When it came to the audio for the film, we were just going to use music until we stumbled across a piece of accidental audio captured on one of the clips. The manager of the store who was stood with the group while they filmed the security setup said ‘She looks like a thief, suspicious’ and when we heard it, we knew we had to work it in.

For the music we just searched around youtube until we found something that fit the finished video and managed to find a suspenseful piece that worked perfectly.

We conferred with the rest of the group a lot during the editing process and asked their opinion on things. The poster team had created a kind of logo for the film so we incorporated it as a title at the start.

Vid 1

Our film ended up following our storyboard pretty closely. Because we took so much footage, we had a lot to work with to realise our vision.

After finishing the film and showing it to the tutors, Joleen and Lindsey before submitting it and they had a couple of notes for us to work on so we sorted those as quickly as we could.


It was approaching deadline and the group were split on whether the film should be colour or greyscale. In the end we took a vote and made the film greyscale but it took all the time we had left and we were working til the last minute before handing the film over to Sophie.



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