GIDE – Brainstorming and splitting the groups

When we got back from location scouting, we all sat down and shared the borders we had discovered. We had a variety of things and after everyone had shared, we organised them into categories and voted on the ones that we were most interested in.


We picked two ideas that were the most popular and split into two groups, depending which idea you preferred to do. IMG_0296

Much to my delight, privacy vs security was one of the most popular so I could continue working on the idea that I’d been thinking about all day.

Once we split into our groups, we sat down and discussed our ideas


After brainstorming, we were asked by Lindsey, Joleen and Sophie to identify the two opposing sides of our conflict. It was fairly easy because our category was called privacy vs security.


Before we all went home, we decided to start a storyboard so we would have an idea of what we wanted to film the next day


At this point I felt really confident and ready to film


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