Hand Lettering piece 4

Late into Task 1 I decided to do one final typographic quote piece based on a quote from my favourite author, Leigh Bardugo.


This quote is said by my favourite Leigh Bardugo character and I wanted to incorporate elements of his personality and backstory into the design of this quote.

Choosing these fonts proved harder because I felt a pressure to choose the perfect ones. I felt very determined to do my favourite author’s work justice.

I spent some time looking at the lines that the different aspects of the words were on so that I could accurately draw them to scale.

Part way through pencilling my design I decided to change the type for ‘BAD IDEA’. It wasn’t until I had drawn it I realised the initial type I chose wasn’t working. I therefore changed it to a serif font with a scribble-like background. I liked the organised chaos of this type and thought it fit with the quote much better.


Once I had finished penning the design, I scanned it in and altered the image to correct any minor mistakes and letter placement so everything looked more level while still keeping the hand drawn aesthetic.

After this I wanted to add some colour and a few elements to relate it back to the character who speaks this quote. Nikolai (The character) is a king and his coat of arms is a gold eagle on a sky blue background. I wanted to include a nod to this so I changed the banner colour to sky blue and began to explore how I could incorporate the gold eagle.


I decided to draw a pair of wings to frame the word ‘ALWAYS’ and edit them into the piece. The difference in colour breaks up the piece nicely and the central placement puts them in a prominent position.



I am exceedingly pleased with the final product. The time devoted to refining and editing has made this piece exquisite and I am very proud of it.


Shortly after completing it, I met Leigh Bardugo and told her about this piece and she asked if I could tweet it to her so she could see it. Words cannot describe the delight I felt when she replied saying she loved it. It has motivated me to keep drawing type and keep drawing quotes from her work.



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