Hand lettering piece 3

After finishing the previous hand lettering piece, I decided to draw another one based on another quote.

I knew I wanted to do this one in an interesting shape as well so I tried fitting the quote into an elongated hexagon




I edited some of the type into the shape to see how it would work and confident with how this looked, I continued with the piece in this shape.

After drawing the piece, I wasn’t happy with how it looked at all, I had to substantially edit it to create a product I was happy with.

In the end I ended up re-setting almost the entire piece because the more I looked at it, the more every letter looked slightly the wrong size or wrong placement.

I realised without some sort of frame or shaping, the words seemed very oddly placed so I put them back into the elongated hexagon shape. Initially, I wanted the sun bursts at the bottom to be hollow but instead changed them to be filled as I thought this worked much better.

I began to experiment with colour to see how the quote would work. I much prefer the shape coloured with white letters, you get a sense of the shaped as if the letters have been cut out and I find it very visually pleasing.


Experimenting with colour on this piece was really fun, I think it could make a good series of screenprints.




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