In my proposal, I initially said that I wanted to primarily improve my bookbinding skills, however, as I began Visual Literacy, the skill I really wanted to improve was my hand drawn type. In everything I did during Visual literacy, I tied it back to type and my love for it. I feel confident in my bookbinding skills on a surface level. I know how to spot my mistakes and I know how to go about fixing them so improving a skill that I had rarely practiced seemed like a much more practical use of this module.

The work I did in summer was instrumental in this decision. During summer I spent a great deal of time drawing type and this formed a desire to practice more. Working through summer kept my mind focused creatively and meant that I could begin the year ready to work hard.

Collecting together a Pinterest board of type was extremely useful and I filled it with work by others to influence my own. I began with copying specific type and then moved onto forming my own from saved typefaces. Having this resource gave me a level to reach for when working on my own skills, this motivated me to keep working and striving forward.

I chose the print workshop strand, partially out of a wish to improve my printing and learn new techniques, but mainly to figure out exciting and creative ways of producing type pieces. My own personal taste when it comes to type is leans towards elegance so I found many of the print techniques I was working with too messy for the kind of work I wanted to make. This realisation was important because it steered me towards screenprinting and letterpress as processes I would like to work with more.

The self directed work on developing my hand-lettering skills was the most valuable time spent during this project. I learnt to be critical of my work and meticulously go over it to see where I could improve. The biggest obstacle I came against was the lack of a steady hand when penning type pieces. I would often go off mark and have to correct mistakes digitally which is something I want to avoid.

My development of these skills does not end here. Although it will not be the prime directive in future, I will seek to constantly improve and practice in the background. I see this project as a starting point to improve in an area I have discovered I enjoy and am good at.


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