Making books at home

After the bookbinding workshop, I felt inspired to make my own books at home. I went back to a tutorial site I used last year to use those tutorials again to make two stab stitch books.

The thread I was using for this one made it very difficult to keep my stitches tight and I underestimate how much I would need so I had to tie in several pieces throughout sewing it.

This book, for the most part was quite neat, however, I think my choice of thread hindered my ability to bind well so I think in future, I will have to choose my thread more carefully.

The second stab stitch I made went much more smoothly, using a different thread and design, I made a much better result. The problem I had with this book, was cutting the pages to the right width. I think the paper slipped in my clip and I ended up over cutting the cover.

The next two books I made were entirely experimental. I completely improvised the binding process to see where it would take me and what the product would be. For both of them, I individually folded all my sheets of paper, put in my stitch holes and the sewed them together by using a strangely warped mix of coptic and pamphlet binding.

For this first one, I only sewed the pages together and then glued a soft cover over the top. My stitching on this one wasn’t very tight and you can see large gaps between the pages. I also cut it quite incorrectly so the cover doesn’t quite hide the pages.

For my second book, I sewed the covers onto the book as I would any of the internal pages, leaving the stitching and the spine exposed. My stitching was a lot tighter on this one but there was still a lot of movement between the pages. I think this is a result of the method of stitching it rather than my stitching itself being at fault. Other than that, this book is very neat and exactly what I wanted to produce.

After this, I wanted to make a hardcover so I looked around for what I could use instead of bookrim to cover it as I didn’t have any bookrim. I found a Leeds College of Art tote bag and decided to make a notebook out of that though I really should have washed the fabric before using it.

Finally I decided to make a multicoloured concertina book, like the one Susie showed us in the bookbinding workshop. It was very easy to make, my only problem was accurately lining up the paper so it fit on the cover so it goes over a bit.

A few weeks after this I did make a few more books at home however I did not document the making process of them.


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