Hand lettering piece 2

After my first hand lettering piece, I decided to make another one based on another quote. I chose another of my favourite quotes I’ve saved on my Goodreads page which was quite short and I thought had the potential to be a good image.

I started out in the same way I started the other piece, by writing the sentence and circling the words I wanted to stand out and trying out different shapes that it could fit into. I wanted this piece to include slight bits of imagery as well as text so I began to play with the idea of having ‘moonlight’ within a moon.


I decided on having three different typefaces for my piece for the three sections I’d split the quote into. After looking at my pinterest archive of type, I decided that these three would best fit the quote.  The first is elegant and simple and I think that works well for the connecting words ‘drowns out all but the’. The second is complicated and decorative without being overly swirly and I think it works well for ‘Moonlight’. The third (of which I’m using the bottom section) is bold and simple and I think it could work very well for ‘Brightest stars’.

After picking my type, I aligned it all so I could get an idea of the word placement. The decision to split the word ‘Moonlight’ came from the text placement design I created in my initial development. Having the word on one line creates a lot of empty white space in the surrounding circle which I wanted to avoid. The word still makes sense and reads well split, but this way also aesthetically works better this way.

From here I began pencilling my design. I found it easiest to begin with the shape and drawing in my guidelines so I would know how everything fit on the page. From there I drew in my words, trying my best to make sure they were all level and uniform.

After I was happy with the design in pencil, I began penning in. I began with the letters I found easiest, the ones with straight lines, that I could use a ruler for. This meant that I was steadier and more used to using the pen by the time the letters I was less confident at came around.


Once I had finished penning the design, I decided to scan it in to make a few adjustments to the placements, change colouring and enhance it.


At first, I didn’t think there was much I needed to edit other than slight word movements so after that I turned to looking at colour. I wanted the colouring to reflect the quote so I went with a light yellow to represent moonlight and the dark blue show the night sky.


While I liked the colour scheme, I felt like something was missing and the piece needed more to it because it felt quite flat. On the editing software I was using, I found a star texture that I could edit into the background of my piece. I think this adds so much to my piece and I’m so glad I put it in.


It was only after doing this I noticed that the word ‘Moon’ was not central so I had to edit that so it was more central and fit better but after that I was happy with my piece and didn’t want to add any more to it.


I think this could potentially make a really nice screenprint so that is something I would like to work with in the future.


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