Mono Print Workshop


Mono printing is something I’ve never really explored before so I was really interested in improving my skills at this technique.





Initially I just experimented with a combination of cut out shapes but this work didn’t excite or interest me and I didn’t feel like I was pushing myself or the limitations of the process. The prints I was making also felt very out of touch with the type and bookbinding work I’ve been doing so far so I decided to change my perspective.

Following the inspiration of a type piece I saw on pinterest, I used a rough version of it to try printing with.


Screencapped from here 9/10/16

Although my paper cuts were quite thin and elegant, the print around it did not work out that way. My lines were all thickened by the process and the design became less intelligible.

I asked the workshop staff what I could do to counteract this and they said there wasn’t much, but if I increased the point size of the type as a whole, it would remain in proportion and print better. The smaller the design, the less accuracy you will have.


I continued to experiment, alternation between stencil and cut out to see how it would affect my prints. For all of them, I could not get the desired precision in my design so I think, when doing typographic monoprint in the future, I shall have to increase the point size of my type so I can better control this.

The one print that I really like is the one below. Through not washing or inking up my plate after a print, I got thinly layered, blended colours of in that printed in a way that looks quite like a galaxy.


This is an effect I would like to recreate in the future but most likely only for a texture that I will work into or digitally edit later.

While I enjoyed this workshop and found learning the process valuable, I think monoprinting is a process that I won’t do much of unless it is for a very specific purpose. I don’t think it works very well with my way of creating as I like my work to be much cleaner and more precise.


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