Over Summer – Hand lettering

I spent part of my time in summer trying to improve my hand lettering skills. Hand lettering has always been something I was interested in, however I have not put in the time to get my skills to a high standard.

I did a lot of research into different typefaces and made myself a database of type and hand lettering pieces on pinterest.


All screencapped from Pinterest.com 9/10/16

Using these as reference, I set out to practice freehand drawing type. I began with ampersands because I have always been fascinated by them and I wanted to be better at drawing them.


I then began to attempt drawing quotes into typographic piece using references from my Type Pinterest board as well.


Screencapped from here 9/10/16

I followed this hand lettering tutorial process to work out how to plan my pieces better.

I found her process immensely helpful and following it really helped me when making my piece.



The leading on several

I intend to work into this piece further, digitally, to enhance it and make it look professional and clean while still keeping that hand drawn feel to it.

I also attempted to do some quick, freehand type sketches but I am not very happy with them.



They are not at all straight and I know I can do much better than this so I put these aside and moved onto practising more measured type.


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