Visual literacy proposal

1. What is your action plan for the year?

I intend to spend a large amount of time in the workshops improving my skills in the areas I want to focus on this year. I also want to do more independent study outside of university, practicing and improving.

For the beginning of the year I will have a part time job in a bookstore. Although this is not my intended career, I will be working in the book industry and will gain valuable insight into how the public buy books.

I planned, for the most part, my time for the first 4 weeks of term so I could efficiently manage my time and set myself realistic goals for this module


Table key:

Uni Sessions: Blue

Out of Uni Goals: Green

Work hours: Red




Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Print induction
Finishing up summer work in sketchbook
Working 11:30-5:30 potentially
Course meeting
Year meeting
Vis lit briefing
Finishing up summer work in book
Start putting work on blog
Working 2-5:30 potentially
Mono print
Student regs briefing
Finishing up summer work in book
Start putting work on blog
Working 12-4 potentially
COP Lecture
Spend a day doing hand lettering pieces
Working 11:30-5:30 potentially
Lino stamp
Polish handlettering pieces on computer
Working 1-5:30 potentially
Blogging the workshops for the week
Handlettering day
Working 12-4 potentially
Polish handletting pieces on computer
Year meeting
Research seminar
Peer review
Skill development
Blog work
COP Lecture
Computer refresher
Illustrator skill development
Etching workshop
Sketchbook work
Blog work
Skill development
Blog work
Skill development
Working 12-4 potentially
Any blog catch-up
Any Sketchbook catch-up
Lord Whitney talk
Skill development
Skill development
COP lecture
Working on crit stuff
If available bookmaking drop in
Book designing
Blog work
Print designing
Blog work
Any sketchbook catch up
Any blog catch up
Vis lit pt2 briefing
Artist talk
Idea development
Idea development
COP Lecture
Idea development
Offset Festival
Vlogging and photographing
Offset Festival
Vlogging and photographing


Offset wrap up blog posts and vlog

2. What area(s) of practice(s) do you intend to develop?

I intend to improve my skills as a book-binder and learn many different techniques of binding to a high level. I also want to improve my design techniques and get them to a high standard for working on the content of any books I might make. The third area I would like to improve my skills in is print. I would like to be more experimental with screenprinting and really push myself to be more creative within the medium. As well as this I would like to learn other print techniques so as to be able to select the appropriate method for completing work to a high standard.


3. What technology, equipment and software are you likely to use as a practitioner?

I intend to fully utilise the workshops and staff to help me improve the skills in the previously identified areas. Through learning many techniques, I aim to better identify the ones I will need in my chosen field. Because I don’t yet have a specific career in mind, I am unsure of the specific technology, equipment and software I am likely to use as a practitioner.


4. Identify gaps in your knowledge?

I have very little knowledge of the book-binding industry. I know quite a lot about publishing, novels and the commercial book industry but that is only one faction of the book industry so I would like to explore all areas of the industry to see which area appeals to me the most. This will help me find a direction and create clear goals to strive for. I will look into where my skills would be best applied and where I would most like to work in the future.

There are also several processes that I either don’t know or don’t know what to do to correct the mistakes I am making. I would like to devote some time to working on these and filling these gaps in my knowledge so that I may become adept at my practice.


5. Have you considered the broader developments in technology and the future of visual communication?

I am a very active user of social media and I keep up with many practitioners and companies through this. However I have not looked very much at developments or trends in my chosen field so I intend to research this further over the coming weeks.

I have some knowledge of the commercial book industry, about how ebooks are taking over and this is putting the physical book industry in danger. However there are several people and groups working to prevent this decline of physical book production and sales which I also intend to research further.


6. Where and how will you support your development with research?

Last year, much of my research was contained to online searches and social media. While I do not believe this is a bad method of research, I feel as if my lack of variety in my research sources held me back from achieving my potential had I conducted a more varied research process for my work.

This has led me to be motivated to look to a wide range of sources for research. I still intend to use the online sources I have been using thus far because I think they are very effective, however I would like to incorporate other sources into my body of research.

I would like to spend more time interacting with the general public and my target audience to look at how effectively my work is being received by them and where I may need to improve.

I would like to use more critical, analytical and relevant texts which have a large amount of content around the subject/process I am researching so that I may gain a better understanding of it in a more detailed sense.

I would like to look at more visual communication examples of the subject/process I am researching so I can see how others approached it and develop my own skills and knowledge from this.

I would like to contact more people and get involved in more projects than require me to use my creative skills so that I can develop myself as a practitioner and establish connections within the industry.

I feel as though varying my research and being critical of the quality of the results of my research will help me be more analytical about my work and improve the quality of it to a high standard.



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