Talk you round til dusk review

Talk you round til dusk is an illustrate collection of short stories and poetry by Rebecca Tantony, illustrated by Anna Higgie. I was given Talk You Round Til Dusk  by my best friend for Christmas because she’d met the author at at talk she gave at her university. She said that during the talk, Rebecca said that she had a choice in illustrator for her book.

This surprised me because not all authors do have a choice of illustrator and I think that Tantony’s writing and Higgie’s illustrations work together really well. All of the illustrations picked don’t exactly illustrate what’s in the story/poem but they are thematically similar and have a similar mood to them.

Out of the 16 illustrations in the book, I have two favourites. The first was the first illustration in the book which was long red hair with a straight fringe and a constellation when the face would be. A few years ago, by best friend, the girl who gave me the book, had hair like this and she has always been obsessed with the stars and constellations so it really reminded me of her which was really nice, especially because she gave me the book.



The other illustration that I really like is this one of a girl lying in a bed of plants. The contrast between the girl curled up in the middle and the background is so beautiful. The clear, smoothness of her skin is so clean and innocent whereas the background is so complicated and busy, filled with plants and colours. I also really like the circular format. Circular format is something I love so much, there’s something so endearing about everything being contained in a ring that has no breaks.

il_340x270.693774083_cvqq (1)

My favourite of the stories/poems in the book was called The Orange Blossoms of Andalucia. It was about a couple who move to Spain to try and save their relationship but the girl realises that they have a lot of history that she can’t get past so she writes down everyone she can remember in her life and goes to the top of a mountain to set it on fire.

This story was really beautiful. I haven’t read many books or stories that have a similar theme to this so it felt like a really fresh, new take on relationships to me. Rebecca Tantony’s writing style is so flowing and beautiful. The realistic quality it has is so wonderful and it made it so relatable to me.

I really enjoyed working with an author to produce an illustrated book during Narratives and I think Freya, the author of my Narratives story and the girl who gave me this book, is trying to hint that she wants to work together again. I think collaborating with authors and different creators is something I’d love to do in future so I think it’ll be something I look into doing.


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