Summer plans

We had a lecture by Marianne about 2nd year and what we can expect, during which she set us some summer work.


I am the kind of person who gets the itch to make art and work on personal projects during the summer and I get really, really bored if I’m not doing anything. This summer, I’ve set myself loads of little projects that I can keep doing throughout the three months I have off to keep myself busy and improve my skills.

I plan to create a blog that I can tie my twitter, instagram, goodreads and youtube channel to so that people can check out my updates on all the platforms I use.


I have a lot of things I want to read this summer. I want to read and review a mix of novels, plays, graphic novels, short stories, poetry and art books. Everything I read this summer I want to review. I’m going to post video reviews on my youtube channel but I may also do more detailed written reviews on my summer blog.



My tiny recommendations went down really well at exhibition so I want to refine these. I’d like to make each one specific to each book. I also want to try and design one for every book I read this summer. I also want to try either leaving them places or handing them out in the street and see how it goes down.



I will continue to regularly upload videos to my channel, documenting everything I’m making and reading this summer.

I also have a couple of specific pieces that either I want to make for myself or someone has asked me to make.


My friend asked me to make her a blank recipe book for her to write her favourite recipes in. I found this fabric which was baking themed and is in a style that she really likes so I want to get to making a hardback, fabric covered book for her. Depending how many pages I put in will depend how I bind the pages.



The next is a sewing piece on a piece of fabric I have that I really like which I want to put on my wall. I want to tapestry stitch the quote I’ve edited above onto this fabric, paint the hoop either black, white, grey or pink and glue the fabric into the frame. This is just a personal piece I want to make to get back into some sewing.



 I did a few of Becca’s tutorials at the beginning of SDP but I didn’t make any of them into actual books so I want to try binding some books using Becca’s tutorials.

I’m very excited for this summer and all the things I’ve set myself. I have a tendency to get bored in summer but I think this one will be an exception


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