Starting a Youtube Channel

Near the beginning of SDP, I created a Youtube channel. I’d been looking into how people promote, review and advertise books and I came across a community on Youtube who make videos about the books they’re reading.

I really wanted to join this community, as I am an avid reader. However, I want to talk about the books I’m making as well as the books I’m reading. I think this could really tie together many aspects of my life and I can really throw myself into things that I’m passionate about doing.

At the moment it mostly consists of books I’ve read because I haven’t yet filmed any videos about books I’ve made.

I want to do a series talking about book binding and the books I’ve made this year. As I make more books, the content will become more mixed. There will be a lot of videos about what I’m reading as well as making but it’s also an exploration of the things I’m interested in, continuing PPP throughout the next two years.

I am really enjoying making and editing videos. It’s making me much more confident and better at talking and putting myself out there in the world.


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