End of Year presentation

At the end of the year, we had a presentation in front of Sharon, Marianne and several of our classmates. I wrote down some speaking notes for each slide so I would know what to say when I was giving the presentation.



Started VisCom being multi-disciplinary and all about activism. I’ve changed a lot and given myself the time to develop my skills and let the ideas work with the process rather than being the forefront.



Statement of intent 

I wanted to work with feminism and LGBT+ rights with my main medium being graphic design. Many factors influenced me away from this. Activism is still a really important part of my life, I just don’t think it’s where my career will primarily be.



Artists 1

I’ve looked at a variety of disciplines, primarily looking at concept driven work but also those with skills I really admire. The most influential artists on me have been the ones I’ve referenced for my projects.



Artists 2 

I’ve always loved embroidery and photography and I still want to incorporate it. Through bookbinding as a primary practice, I can keep including these in my work.




I haven’t done much to do with LGBT+ rights or Feminism this year other than for my COP1 project. However, I have done things that have had a lot of close personal meaning.

Vis Ex – Cities, home and Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino
COP1 – Changing Sexual Education to be more comprehensive and compulsory.
SDP – Persuading people to read more great books




This was a lightbulb moment where I realised I loved book-making. Working with my best friend was great and really made this project special.




My love of books tied together my work, social life and passions. I’m pretty set that books are what I want to throw myself into. There is a lot of scope with books, I could make photo books, illustrated, embroidered, artist books, novels, poetry books, factual books etc.




I started a youtube channel where I talk about what books I’m reading and making. I’m treating it professionally and networking to get my name out there. It’s raised my confidence, makes me really happy and means I have set goals and schedules that go throughout the year so I’m always doing something.




Rome was a defining point this year. I got to go somewhere and see things that I’ve wanted to see for years. I got closer to people and had an incredible time.




I started the year feeling very isolated because all my closest friends were miles away. My flatmates and Molly and Amy have helped me through this year and I would love to collaborate with Molly and Amy on our work in the future.



Summer plans and 2nd year

I plan to get a job this summer to pay my rent but there are other things I want to do that are more to do with my practice and social life. I plan to do a lot of reading this summer, I have a really long ‘to be read list’ which I want to get through a lot of. I want to continue with my youtube channel, making a variety of content to do with what I’m reading and making. My tiny recommendations went down really well at the exhibition so I want to start making them for every book I read. The difference here is I want to make them as miniature versions of the books themselves. I have a few commissions from friends as to books they want me to make so I’m going to be designing, binding and documenting them.

My summer will begin to inform my work throughout the second year, beginning with Visual literacy.




This year has been better than expected and I feel ready and excited to expand my skills and ideas in 2nd year

I think my presentation went rather well, I spoke confidently despite feeling extremely anxious and trying to suppress that feeling. I forgot many of my notes even though they were in front of me, but I think I gave a good presentation about my journey throughout the year.

At the end of 4 presentations, we were asked questions by the audience. I was asked 3 questions.

How many subscribers do I have on my youtube channel?
As of the presentation, I had 17 but I described my plan to use multiple, connected, social media to brand myself and get the word out there about my channel and my work.

Why did I start a youtube channel as opposed to using a different platform?
I think my passion for what I do comes across better when people can hear me speak and can see my mannerisms.

Who in my life supports me and my work?
My friends and family often praise me for what I’m working on but I have a couple of friends who give me constructive criticism to help me improve my work which is really helpful.

During the rest of the presentations, I made notes of the questions I had for everyone about their presentations.

Where are you going from here?
What are your hopes for 2nd year?

What materials and processes are you hoping to explore in 2nd year?

How are you going to work on your weaknesses?

Do you want to go more into 3D illustrations as well as 2d?

Are you leaning towards travel and food photography exclusively or are you keeping your options open?

What does Sheila Gill do?
Do you get to produce and sell your own work or is it just hers?

Are you wanting to do more concept driven work following on from the work you did throughout this year and foundation?

Is work that evokes emotion and a sense of community where you see yourself going?

Are you looking at pattern design, fashion and 3D textile work like the artist you were looking at or are you leaning more towards embroidery?

Do you think that installation is something you want to explore further?



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