Feedback on people’s blogs

We had to look at 3 other people in our class’ PPP1 blogs and give our thoughts and feedback on their blogs. I picked 3 people at random from the blog list on estudio so I wasn’t just picking people I was really good friends with and made sure I kept my feedback objective.

The first PPP1 blog I looked at was Ruta’s. I thought her blog was designed really nicely. The way she lays out her posts is really pretty and makes for nice reading. It had some really nice minimalist embellishments on a few posts that look good without distracting from the content. I saw that Ruta had done a lot of research into her field. She has looked at a lot of different creators and you can tell what her field is pretty quickly by reading her blog. Although she hasn’t written a lot about each artist she has looked at, what she has written is insightful and she always relates it back to her own practice and interest.

The next blog I looked at was Erin’s. The black, white and yellow colour scheme works quite nicely, the little pop of colour amongst the black and white stands out and looks so good. I really liked how Erin mixes her content so that it alternates between artists and designers she is looking at and the tasks we’ve been given throughout the year. I would love to see more of what influences her on her blog because I couldn’t tell what practices she was looking at or much of what interested her.

The last blog I looked at was Sam’s. Sam documents his work really thoroughly and effectively which makes you feel like you can see his entire thought process and you can go through the journey he made by reading his blog. From looking at Sam’s blog you can immediately tell he likes photography, street art and is getting into that community through making work and working with people in the community. He’s done a bit of collaboration work and exhibiting outside of his college work, though it sometimes it includes his college work which is great because he’s already taking the steps to put his work and himself out there for people to see. He has done extensive and relevant research which give you a really good idea of what he likes and the direction he is going in.

All three of these blogs were really varied and interesting and I think there are elements of all of them that will inspire me to improve my PPP blog.


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