Alyssa Scott – Ballerinas

Alyssa Scott is an illustrator/animator who I’ve been following on social media for a while. Her work is absolutely beautiful and although I am not an animator, I find her style quite inspiring and I really love it.

Alyssa has created a series of gifs of ballerinas representing the elements which are absolutely incredible. Scott uses the medium of animation to show the connection between dance and natural, elemental powers. I used to be a ballerina and I’ve always loved ballet and dance so this series has really struck me.

The colouring of her gifs reflects and compliments the element she is expressing which is really aesthetically pleasing.

I really love how the dance in her gifs are performing real, technically flawless moves. The motions are really realistic, both in speed and in fluidity. When looking at the footwork, you can see this authenticity clearly. For example, in the light and fire gifs you can see the dancers’ feet shaking as they stand en pointe. When standing en pointe, you can’t stand perfectly still, you wobble and you can’t stay en pointe for very long because it puts too much strain on your toes.



The sparks coming off of the dancer in this gif are beautiful. The way more come off as she moves really shows the nature of fire and how a shift in the thing that is burning can cause more sparks to fly. I also love how she used the blurred motion of the dancer’s movements to make her look like she was on fire.




The earth dancer turning into swirling leaves and reforming back into herself looks so beautiful. It happens so fluidly which I love. The fact that the leaves are all the colours of the girl as well, it adds to the fluid motion of her going from one form to another.




As the girl pirouettes, the stars on her dress blur and it looks like a meteor shower. This is a really beautiful connection between her dance and space. I really like how she’s outlined in light, it looks like she’s bathed in starlight. The dance move chosen works really well too because it is reminiscent of the rotation of things in the universe.




I really like how there are two dancers in this gif. The subject of the gif is air and obviously air is what we breathe, what keeps us alive. Having the male dancer supporting her, becoming wind and then reforming to catch her shows this really nicely.




This is probably my least favourite of this set. Not because I think that it is bad, I just think the others are much better. The light particles in the background makes this gif very overcrowded, especially as there are two dancers. I think it would look better if there was only one dancer, I think it would work better. I do, however, really like the light beams following the character’s hands as they raise them and the reflection flash as they pirouette. They work really well.




The fluidity of the dancer in this gif really embodies water. I love how the water droplets fly off his body during the sauté pirouette en dehors (A turning motion where the working leg moves from in front of you to behind you whilst leaping) because it looks like he’s shaking them off as he moves. There is a term in ballet, ‘Ballon’, which means looking like you’re floating while landing a jump. This is what all ballet dancers strive for when landing jumps because it makes the move seem effortless and floaty. Transitioning his landing into a puddle fully represents this as well as showing the splashing motion of water as it lands.

I really love this gif series because it beautifully represents ballet and nature and combines them perfectly.


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