This module has been a journey for me and has made me develop in terms of both my skills and my goals.

Narratives inspired me to learn more about book binding. Because we only got to learn one type of bind in Narratives, I wanted to look at making books for different types of content with a variety of binds. I really enjoyed improving my book binding skills and practising different techniques. If I had more time, I would devote as much time as possible to making as many different binds and books as I can. My love of book binding is probably the key thing I will take from this year and this module made me realise that.

I went into this project with an idea that I was confident in and really excited about. I had the goal and so I decided to devote more time to learning my craft than developing my idea. However, changing my idea during the project was a really good thing. Although persuading people to read more classic literature is something I would still like to do, making this project more personal by persuading people to read the books that are the most important to me felt like a good move. Because my project became personal, I was more invested in it and I think it improved my project. My passion for my subject came through in my work and I made something I was really happy with and enjoyed the journey to it.

I had a lot of trouble with time keeping during this module. Although I set myself many goals and set time limits to them, I think I overestimated how much I could do in the time I had. In future, I plan to set more realistic targets and stick to my schedules like glue.

I have greatly enjoyed this module and I think it was a really good one to end the year on.


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