Tutorial 3 – 25.4.16 & Tutorial 4 – 3.5.16

I had two tutorials with Alex towards the end of the project.

At the first tutorial I showed Alex my paper mache test and told her my plans for finals. She told me that the best thing to do was just to get started on them.

They’re going to be very time consuming pieces so it will take a while and if I get started now then I have time to make mistakes and correct them.

So between these tutorials I began making my books and got quite far with the paper mache on two of them.

At the second tutorial, I showed Alex the headway I’d made and she was pretty worried. I told her how much I had left to do and she didn’t think I could get it done in time. We decided the best thing to do was list what I had to do, in order and how much time I needed to do it. If I stick to the schedule, I’ll be finished in plenty of time.

Things to do on finals

Paper Mache – 4/5 days
Format and Print pages – 1 day
Paint the books – 3/4 days
Print titles and backs – 1 day for setting up and printing
Binding – 1 day, possibly the same day as printing the pages or titles

On the Friday after this tutorial, I had a meeting with Alex to discuss some things and I showed her the progress on the paper mache. I was already keeping to schedule and was almost finished on all of them with a day to spare.

If I keep going like this, they will easily be finished on time.


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