Paper Mache test

I thought that paper mache would be a good medium to make my final piece with so I decided to do a quick test to see how it would work out.


First I started by drawing the lines on my base and lining them with paper.


Then once I’d done all the lines I started to cover it with strips of paper to make it smooth and flat.


Once it was all covered, I painted on another layer of PVA so that the whole thing would be really solid and smooth.


I then gave the piece several coats of white paint so that the printed paper couldn’t be seen through.


Then I began to paint the colour onto the piece. I had about 6 colours that included 3 shades of blue and 3 shades of yellow/brown so I was pretty limited in what I could do.

After having done several layers of light blue, I decided to add in some darker blue scales so I drew out my pattern.


I painted in the scales and covered the entire thing in another layer of PVA to give it a shine.

This was a good practice for my final books because I know know I want to use this medium and I know which areas of using this medium I need to improve upon.

I liked working in this medium because it’s good 3D work that isn’t heavy so could work for a book cover. For my finals, I’d like the general quality to be better, especially of the painting so I’ll need more paint for that. I also don’t want any part except the back and where the titles are to be flat so I need to make the entire face 3D.

This means everything will take longer so I will have to set aside a large amount of time to make my final books. I feel confident with enough time, I can make something really good.


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