Curating the exhibition

Once everyone had handed in their final pieces, the curatorial team and I sat down to decide where everyone in the room should go.

Some people needed specific spots which had been predetermined and anyone who needed to nail or screw work into the wall had to be on the wall so we had a lot of things to work around.


We started by making a rough plan of the room and putting roughly where everyone was going.


We first wrote down people such as Jaz, Daniela, Meg, Bev, Imogen, Abbie, Erin, Elise and Zoe who had already said they needed a specific place as well as the showreel list. Then we divided everyone else into 4 groups, shelves/heavy work, prints/lightweight work, plinths and other requirements. Everyone who needed a shelf or heavy work had to be on the wall between the doors meaning that all the prints/lightweight work had to be on the hanging boards and all plinths apart from Julie’s and Poppy’s (who needed wall space) had to be free standing. We had a hard time working out the order for the wall of shelves and heavy work but in the end we worked out an order we were happy with.

We then went around placing people and seeing what work fit where and put post-its on everyone’s spaces.

Jaz and Bev then drew up wall plans while the rest of us began to clean up the studios ready to set up on Monday.


After showing the plans to David, he only had one or two changes to make which we put in and put the plans on the wall so that people could immediately see where they were putting up on Monday.

I’m really happy with the plan, obviously some changes may have to be made as people are putting up on Monday, but we’ll be on hand to help anyone who needs it.


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