Tutorial 2 – 11.4.16

After Easter, I had another tutorial with Alex where I showed her all the work I’d made.

We discussed where I was going and what I might make for presentation and came up with the idea of a sort of library format like a bookshelf or a library trolley which I really liked.

Alex also said that I should move away from just classics and go onto books that I have a personal connection to, books that I really like etc. This way I can think about what they mean to me and make work I’m really passionate about because I’m making it for myself and the subject is something I really like.

She also said that I shouldn’t spend too much on my work because making all of these could be very expensive. I want to keep the cost of my work down to a minimum so I’m not bankrupting myself over this project.

From here Alex said that I should look at the books I personally want more people to read and look at the books that I really love.

She also said I should look at really experimental binding materials so I can make something people won’t have seen before.

I feel like I’m on a much better path after this tutorial and I will be making things that I love. I have a renewed energy and I’m excited to get going.


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