Research – Caitlin Schafer

While looking around for people who had made art around dragons, I discovered Caitlin Schafer’s work. Caitlin Schafer made models of the dragons on the books I am looking at.

Although I think her models are incredible, I don’t think she’s translated the colour and tone of the skin very well from the covers. Their skin is described as being very shiny and glistening so she could have added more highlights to the work to show how they reflect the light.

As well as this, Glaedr (The yellow one) isn’t yellow. He is very strongly described as gold in the book and if you she didn’t want to make him gold, I think she should have gone with a more yellow ochre tone as that would work better. Glaedr is supposed to exude wisdom, strength and elegance and I think the colour she used strips him of that.

I found looking at Schafer’sĀ translation from 2D to 3D was really helpful when thinking about how to do my own books. Because I want my books to be relief covers, seeing the things I’m working with in a 3D context helped me to envision my work a lot better.



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