Books and social media – Booktube

I started looking into how people promote and recommend books. A huge way that books are promoted these days is through social media.

Youtube is a platform where many book reviewers and promoters post content to discuss and promote the books they’re reading. These creators call themselves ‘Booktubers’. There are many, many Booktubers on Youtube who all have different reading tastes, styles of video and types of content.

Personally I think this is a very effective way of promoting books to a large and widespread audience. There is more opportunity to give a synopsis and a full, detailed review. Creators also do fun videos about their favourite characters, tropes, covers, places to buy and read books and much more.

I think having a video of a person talking to you is one of the most effective and persuasive ways to present your opinion of something because it comes across in their expressions, body language and tone of voice as well as what they’re saying. You can relate and communicate to people about the books and characters in them which I find is a very persuasive tool in promoting books to people and creating friendship and community.

Many Booktubers and commenters have made videos and comments about how many books Booktubers have persuaded them to read and I count myself among them. There are many books I would never have known existed without these people talking about them and recommending them to me.

The creators on this site have created an international, inclusive community where everyone has common interests and can share their opinions in discussions. There is something in this community for every reader and every genre which means that so many different books and series get promoted and more people are persuaded to read them.


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