Books and commercialism – Etsy

As well as selling books through a shop or online, many creators make things that are related to the books that help to promote them. Etsy is a website where many creators choose to sell these works.

I did a few exploratory searches on Etsy to see what kind of things people are buying and selling relating to books.

I began with the search terms ‘Book’ and ‘Bookmark’, very broad terms that gave me many varied results.

For ‘Bookmark’ I found that some of the results were related to a specific book but many were just various ways to mark your page.

For ‘Book’ I found that the majority were wedding books or photo albums. However one in particular caught my eye. It was by a seller called Sixthingshop and the listing was ‘Blind date with a book’


I clicked on it to look further into it. The item description says:

‘Have a blind date with a book. Its a lucky dip for readers.

We have a local cult following of our blind dates with a book. Each week people pop in for a blind date before they head to the beach. We love that. We also have started a bit of an online book club of blind date readers. So join in 🙂

Each blind date comes wrapped in brown paper and twine with a short teaser postcard that can be reused or used as a bookmark.

Its a fabulous surprise gift for yourself or a friend. Please note each book has been pre loved and pre read for you. Yes they are 2nd hand but we are all for upcycling here at Six things. All books are in great condition, are best sellers or highly recommended reads chosen by hand by us. A great gift for the environment, for that lucky surprise element and for bookworms everywhere.’

I think this is a really good way of getting people to read a new book. People choose their genre, get a book that has good reviews, in good condition and get a surprise, without their preconceptions getting in the way.

This was one of the only listings I saw with an actual book in it.

After looking at these broad search terms, I decided to search for specific books and see what came up. I searched for classic books because I thought they were the most likely to come up with relevant results.

The results were very varied from jewellery to posters to household items, there were a lot of different things.


One shop caught my eye in particular and that was NovelCreations. They create bags out of popular books which is something really unique that I haven’t seen before. I think these could work really well in promoting the books themselves because if someone is walking down the street with one of these, many people are going to spot it and may want to know more about the book itself.

I particularly like these two for A Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

I have never seen this cover for A Picture of Dorian Gray and it’s so beautiful. Most covers for this book are so ugly and before I read it, they did put me off. This cover would have made me pick it up immediately. It’s a classic book that everyone has heard of and more people should read because it’s fantastic.

The Night Circus passes under the radar of a lot of people but it’s such a beautiful and amazing book that I’d love more people to read and this is one way that people could be persuaded to.

Apart from ‘Blind date with a book’ and NovelCreations’ bags, I don’t think there is a large amount of things on Etsy that could persuade a lot of people to read new books, I find that it is more for fans of books to get things related to the books they love.


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