Books and commercialism – Book subscription boxes

Other than traditionally selling books in a shop or online, book subscription boxes have appeared to not only sell people books but also promote other books with their content. They often contain items related to other books as well as a recently released book.

There are many different types of subscription boxes based in many countries around the world but the majority focus on young adult fantasy and science fiction.

While these items are often there for people who are fans of the book, they could also persuade people to read the book or series it related to.

Subscription boxes do introduce people to new books because the books inside are often new so the recipient is unlikely to have read them already. They also actually give you the book rather than just giving you a recommendation so you are more motivated to read it because you actually have it.

Although they do promote books and the purchase/collection of books, I feel that subscription boxes are more for book fans who’ve read a lot and want a new book to get into as well as things related to books they like. I doubt they would persuade people who don’t read much to read more and I doubt non-bibliophiles would invest money into getting them. However it potentially could persuade some people to read more, but I think these people are the minority.



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