Tiny Books

Inspired by Evan Lorenzen’s work, I decided to try and make my own tiny books that related to my project.

I started by making a little book to make me smile of uplifting, positive reinforcement. I chose yellow because yellow is typically a really happy colour and makes people feel better.

The I decided to try making the content more geared towards books. This gave me the idea to do tiny book recommendations that people can take away with them and carry around. When they’ve finished the book they can pass it onto someone else, or keep it as a memento of how they discovered that book.

I started by making these two coloured books, a blue book filled with book recommendations with blue covers and a red book filled with recommendations with red covers. As cute as these are, the colour of a cover isn’t a huge factor as to why someone will read a book so I think I need to take a different approach.

When I’m reading, I sometimes want to make notes for review, or write a particularly good quote so I made a tiny book that can be a bookmark as well as a quote/note book so you can keep it with the book. I really like this idea and I think I will start doing it for some of the books I read and fill it with the quotes I really like.

I then tried doing recommendations for specific books. I did a really short one for Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and the reason it was so short is because it’s just one folded piece of paper and I didn’t have much space.

Because I didn’t have much space, I made this one for Eragon by Christopher Paolini. I had much more space to write a synopsis that could hopefully persuade people to read it in this one which I think works much better. But I’m not sure about having the book title on the cover.

After making all of these, I decided to take elements I liked and create a template for a ‘Tiny Recommendations’ series. I think just having ‘Tiny Recommendations’ on the cover creates intrigue and people will want to look inside and pick it up to see what they’re being recommended. Then on the inside page you have the title and author and in the centre you have a short summary of the plot and why you should read it. Finally, in the back cover, I want it to say ‘Pick up a new book today’ because it’s a really happy and persuasive statement.

I think I will try making some of these for various books and then test them on the public and see how well received they are. Hopefully I can persuade people to read more.


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