Going to second hand bookstores

In the final week of Easter I went home for a week. In my home town there are many second hand and old book stores so I went into a few to see what they had.

A store called Books On The Park had bookcases full of these gorgeous hard cover books, most of which had their own cases as well. The binding for nearly all of them was the same, perfect bound hard covers with hard cover cases with a section cut out so you could pull the book out easily.

There were features that some of them had that I really liked. There was one that had a really boring, plain blue case, but when you pulled it out, the book itself was wrapped in a renaissance painting style, printed bookcloth which felt like you were uncovering a hidden gem.

The bottom shelf of books all had two tone bookrim covers, one for the spine wrap and one for the face, edge colouring that matched the spine colour and the cases all matched one of the bookrim colours. I thought these looked beautiful because they took so many elements of bookbinding and made them work together whilst making a book that looked exciting and aesthetically pleasing.

The only downside of these books were very expensive, so I didn’t want to buy any of them.


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