Research – Evan Lorenzen

I think  Evan Lorenzen’s books are really adorable. They’re really tiny books that you could just keep with you to lift your spirits or get you thinking about things. I can imagine just discovering you left one in your pocket and pulling it out to read in the middle of the day. One that is uplifting could really pick you up after a bad day.

The illustrations in all of them are really cute. I love how much tone Lorenzen puts into them despite their size. They also simply, but beautifully express the topic on the opposite page.

Life’s lil pleasures is one of those I would like to have in my pocket so when I’m feeling down, I could just pull it out and remind myself of all the little things in life that will make me smile and feel better. I think it could be a really good thing to use for positive reinforcement and to build self confidence in people.

The Mini Book Of Major Events works fantastically. It compresses the entire history of the earth, not only into a short book, but a small one too. Its subject is massive, the earth is really, really old, and there have been many significant parts in its history. Putting them all into a tiny book takes all that history and strips it down to the bare bones.

The contrast between the ‘big’ ideas in The Little Book Of Big Ideas is really nice. It perfectly illustrates how a simple word is used to contain and describe huge concepts such as love or infinity. Infinity, in particular, is a thing that, in theory, cannot be contained or rationalised so putting it between the pages of a book conflicts with this theory so much and playfully tries to disprove it.

This tiny format has really inspired me and I think it could be a really good way to get a lot of information out in a way that is very accessible to people. People could easily slip this in their pocket or wallet and even if they forgot about it, they could find it at a later date and re-read it.


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