Making my Jekyll and Hyde book box

I decided to try actually making one of the book boxes I designed in my sketchbook and the one I was most excited about was for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. I had the idea for a split cover to show the split personalities displayed in the book. This meant I was essentially making two boxes that had to fit together on the book. I measured it to my copy of the book so that it would fit inside the box easily and would be accurate, at least for this edition.

I started by measuring and cutting the cardboard for the whole book, cutting the flat faces in half and then masking taping the pieces together so I could put the bookrim on easily and have the measurements ready.

After this I went into the bookbinding workshop to put the bookrim onto my greyboard templates. I decided on black and forest green because I thought they represented the book really well. The black is for the darkness inside the character and his darker side that comes out through Hyde. I associate green with science and poison in relation to this book so I thought it would work for the other half really well. The hardest part of constructing this was getting the book to stay in place. I used some bulldog clips to hold the flaps in place while the glue dried so it worked though, so it stayed in place and dried in solid position.

The final step was to screenprint the title and the author’s name onto my box. I had to do this with the book inside and raise the printing bed a fair bit so that it would print correctly. The good thing about bookrim is that you can wipe the printing ink off before it’s dry if you make a mistake, which I made many and had to print it several times.

Once finished, I was really proud of my box. I think its simple design works really well and creates intrigue for the book inside. I feel like I did a good job on construction and it all fits together really well. This has been great practice for improving my book binding skills and I’ve loved doing it.


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