Tutorial 1 – 11.3.16

I had a tutorial with Alex to discuss my progress on the project. I showed her the stab stitch pieces I had made, my survey and research and the books and artists that inspired me.

Alex said that I need to work out how to cut down my long list of books down to a few. I need to pick a criteria and use it to choose a few books I want to focus on this project. We agreed that the best way to do this would be to make it very personal to me. Which classics do I want people to read? This cuts the list down considerably already because that means it’s only the one’s I’ve read.

The next thing we discussed was how best to represent the books I choose – Illustrations, redesigned covers, a poster, quotes, etc. We thought that looking at covers and binding was probably the route I would go down but I didn’t want to limit myself just yet.

We decided that for the next few weeks I should just experiment with loads of different processes and test, test, test. That’s the best way to help me progress further.

I felt really good after this tutorial and inspired to go out and get to work.


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