Stab stitch tutorials

When looking up book binding techniques, I cam across this woman’s blog which is full of stab stitch tutorials so I thought I’d try to do some of them to improve my skills.


Becca’s tutorials were really clear and I had loads of fun practising all of the patterns she’d posted tutorials for. I really liked how well the moth one turned out, it looks so delicate and pretty.



I made a small attempt at designing really simple patterns to see if I could get the hang of designing something simple that would also work to hold the book together before I moved onto trying something more complicated.


I decided to design my own pattern for stab stitch related to Moby Dick for if I wanted to re-cover that. I really like the wave pattern and how the binding would fit into the cover really subtly and not stick out.

I think stab stitch is a really nice bind that I would like to experiment more with.


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