Research – Papers for characters

I remember seeing these a while ago and wanted to come back to them for this project. I think they are extremely clever, minimalistic piece that perfectly illustrate the movies/books they represent in a simple way.


The slide off case the art comes in is beautifully elegant and works really well to contain the work. However I think the best way to display these could have been in a book or a DVD case so the packaging is as relevant to the industry as the pieces themselves.


The simplicity of this idea is possibly my favourite thing about this. These books and films are iconic for such complicated reasons but these representations are so subtle. However it is the iconic nature of these films that makes this so effective.


One of my favourites of this set is the one for Fahrenheit 451. Catching the fire midway through burning down the page works really well. It’s like you’re catching it quickly before it’s gone. It also illustrates the reason behind the title of the book as Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which paper burns.


My other favourites are these two for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Jaws. The simple bite mark in the corner of Jaws shows the suspense and mystery of the film really well as well as showing the huge expanse of the sea. I love how it’s just creeping in the corner of the piece. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is all about a man who is born an old man and grows younger and the paper beautifully represents his skin as the wrinkles recede and he becomes young again.

My love for these papers is boundless, I think they pay tribute to the iconic with subtlety in a beautiful blend of complicated subject and simple execution. This is a blend that I would love to experiment with in my own work. Something simple and beautiful, that is what I want to try making.


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