Classics I got in Rome

One of the comments on my survey about classics that I did for research was that my book list for question one was too focused on English and American authors. Because of this, when I went to Rome I found a book store that sold Italian books in English and bought these three so that I could read more classic Italian literature.

I really loved Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, I based Visual Exploration on it, so I thought I’d pick up another of his which is why I got The Queen’s Necklace which is a bind up of two short stories. It’s really short so I can probably read it really quickly.

Marco Polo is from my favourite place in the world, Venice, and he travelled all over the world, telling stories about his home town to the Great Kublai Khan. Calvino also based Invisible Cities on his travels so I thought that reading about his adventures in his own words would be really interesting.

I have always been fascinated by Machiavelli, the Borgias, The Pazzi, The Medici and the politics at play in this time period so I thought I would read The Prince. Machiavelli’s politics have inspired some of my favourite books and tv shows so I would like to understand them better.

I hope that reading these will break me out of my English/American classics streak so I can read what another country considers to be classic and get a better understanding of the genre.


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