Abbie and Charlie wrote up the questions for the interviews so we were well prepared and could brief our interviewees before we began filming.

Questions for zumba gold participants:

Why do you come to Bramley Baths?

What do you get out of the class?

Who do you come with?

Have you met anyone else while coming here that has became a friend?

Did you notice a difference after the class?

Why do you keep coming?

Why did you come in the first place?

How would you describe Bramley Baths to other people?

Questions for Jack and Kevin

What is it that keeps you coming back to Bramley Baths?

Are there any other opportunities at Bramley Baths that you would want to get involved with?

How long have you been going to Bramley Baths for?

What is your favourite thing about Bramley Baths?

How helpful and friendly are the staff?

Has coming to Bramley Baths enriched your life?

Questions for Jennie:

How long have you been teaching at Bramley Baths?

What is it about Bramley Baths that keeps you coming back to teach?

Do you enjoy teaching the Over 60’s?

Whats your favourite thing about teaching these groups?

Is there many interesting people?

What other projects are you working on?

What was your life like before teaching at Bramley Baths?

Do you come here for leisure as well as work?

What do you see about the future of Bramley Baths?

We chose to use a directional road mic to make sure the audio for the interviews was good quality and we positioned ourselves near the interviews. We framed the solo interviews according to the rule of thirds to get a good composition for our shots.

Production stills from shooting interviews.

We got all our interviews done across two days which worked in our favour so we had plenty of time to review our footage.


Upon reviewing the audio and footage we realised that we has a lot of background noise for Kevin and Jack’s interviews because we were in the reception of the baths so we had the sound of people coming in and out. We also realised that some parts of the audio hadn’t recorded properly so we couldn’t use parts of the footage. In Jennie’s interview we realised that we had focused on her reflection, not on her face which was a slight problem.

Some of these mistakes can be fixed in post production with clever editing so we’ll have to see what we can do.


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