Group Crit

We had a group crit where we showed our work and explained our ideas to our tutors. These were the notes I took from what was said.

Pick the bits that aren’t shaky
There should be enough to edit together
Use a mix of shots, mid, wide, close ups
Work out times and dates to go back in
The community and docidoe shots are really nice
Watch the connotations of shots
Slow/stabilise the footage
Watch through full interviews to see if they work
Think about graphics, titles, music
Decide when to sit and edit
Plan group time
Good variety of shots
Next time take a spare battery
Construct a narrative through the interviews
Contact Tracey about new filming dates ASAP
Use a tripod
Shoot for longer than you think you need
Explain lack of time to Tracey to help plan visits

Getting these points from our tutors was really helpful with informing how we edited and planned our time going forward.


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