Working on a live brief was really exciting and made me really carefully consider everything I was doing and saying to make sure I maintained professionalism. Collaborating on a film with a group was an opportunity to experience what it’s like to be part of a production team.

I feel as though we divided labour pretty evenly between us. We all took a lead on the tasks we had the most skills in which meant we were well equipped to create really good work. Getting experience in sound recording, filming, editing, creating film storyboards and making graphics was really valuable and enjoyable. Although I wasn’t able to attend every filming and editing session, I felt very confident in my group’s abilities and when I was there I contributed as much as I could.We worked well as a group, all contributing ideas and taking responsibility for the tasks we were given.

Everyone’s opinions were heard during the process because we all asked for each others input and thought so we could have a well rounded perspective and create something we were all happy with.

When it came to the planning, the amount that we did meant we were well prepared by the time we went to film. We wrote shot lists, planned storyboards, wrote potential questions and talked to the client about what they wanted. We put all of our paperwork together in a folder so that we could refer back to it whenever we needed to. We also created a group chat so that all of us could talk and arrange when to meet to film and edit.This helped a lot with organisation.

Most of the problems we faced came up during filming. The camera battery ran out on the second day, we couldn’t get equipment out at times, there was a lot of background noise on the audio and some of the audio wasn’t even recorded. Despite these issues we had 3 very productive filming days and got all the footage and audio necessary for the film.

For the editing, I mostly just advised and pitched in ideas when cutting everything together. This gave me the opportunity to sit back and look at it with a clear view. The film went through many revisions because we carefully heeded the advice of our tutors. I think this helped us to create a professional looking film. I am particularly happy with my work on the graphics and type. I think they worked out really well and looked classy without looking too standardised and corporate. I feel as though a few of the shots are still slightly discoloured but I think I might just be being hypercritical.

I have learnt a lot about collaboration and that I don’t have to take on every task myself during this brief. Relying on other people has improved my collaboration skills immensely. We have worked hard together to create a documentary that I am really happy with.


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