We had a group meeting where we looked up several short videos that we could use as style inspiration. We looked at a mix of adverts, short films, movie trailers and music videos.

This is the advert for Omega sponsoring the 2012 Olympics. The opening shot of the goggles works really well to set the suspenseful tone of the ad. I really like the mix of speeds on the shots, because it helps show the variety of events in the olympics through use of speed. The slow build up of the music really helps to build suspense as well. Transitioning between the digital and analogue clocks was a really subtle tie in to what the product the advert is selling is and finishing on the shot of the watch was good as a release from the suspense the footage of the athletes built up. Over all I think this is a really classy and well put together advert.

The mix of google street view and video footage blends together beautifully in this advert. Changing the music makes the transitions between people really smooth and helps to show that each person’s story is individual. The rotations of the camera make it seem like you can’t move your eyes fast enough to take in everything that is happening which is an element I particularly like.

This is one of my favourite adverts at the moment because it forces people to break out of those constrained, stereotypical boxes they’ve been shoved into. It also highlights women in sports which is so important because female athletes are so underrated. But it doesn’t just focus on professional athletes, it shows ordinary women of all ability doing sports. The opening shot of the woman walking confidently towards the pool, fixing her swimming costume was a great way to start the video because it’s a super common thing that no one ever shows in swimming commercials or anything. ‘I Jiggle therefore I am’ was a beautiful play on Descartes’ quote ‘I think therefore I am’. The changes between slow motion clips and fast paced cuts was done really well and works really well with the music put to it. ‘This girl can’ is such an empowering statement and I love this advert as a whole.

The way this video starts like the set up for an actual grand national race is really nice, I think it sets the scene really well. The reveal that it’s not on an actual course highlights the fact that the grand national is a sport for many people, even if they can’t get to the course itself. I really like the atmosphere of the grand national taking over that this video sets by having the horses racing through the streets and the parks. It’s saying, ‘this sport is everywhere’.  The use of go pro footage works well to put the viewer in the jockey’s place and engage them. I think instead of ‘the original extreme sport’ the could have put something following the theme of grand national fever taking over and this sport being everywhere because it would have tied the trailer together better as a whole.

This was always one of my favourite adverts because it takes something pretty and nostalgic, My Favourite Things, and puts it together with something everyone loves, cake. The countdown timer at the beginning ties together the theme of cars and cake really well as it looks like something on a car display as well as an oven timer. I really like the general ambiguity of the trailer because many people wouldn’t associate cars and cake so the reveal of the cake car at the end is a happy surprise for the viewer because it’s, for the most part, unexpected. Showing the process of making it works well to illustrate how much work goes into car design and how big of a project it was to create a to scale car out of cake. The ending phrase ‘Full of lovely stuff’ is really good because it intrigues the viewer to find out more about the car as well through using the theme of the advert.

This advert highlights everyday heroes really well and shows part of the behind the scenes work that goes into making the Olympics happen. It shows that the games are more than the athletes at the same time as showing the day to day running of an airport. It’s a simple and humble trailer done well.

Paul McCartney’s live and let die is a beautiful soundtrack to this trailer. Matching the clap to the instrumental was a really nice shot which tied the audio and visual together nicely. As well as this, when the music picks up, so does the pace so the audio/visual was clearly very carefully considered for this. The way they obscure that these athletes are Paralympians then slowly providing clarity works really well to help break down the stereotype that the Paralympics aren’t as great as the Olympics and the athletes are second rate. This trailer is all about showcasing our amazing British Paralympians. Personally I don’t like the lighting or saturation of this trailer. I think it makes what is otherwise an amazingly inspiring trailer, feel quite drab and depressing. As well as this the flashing of the type near the beginning reminds me of abandoned hospitals which I don’t like at all.

The simple unboxing of the product at the beginning makes for a really nice opening as it sets the scene and shows the product without being too blatantly in your face about it.I like how Neistat decided not to make a standard advert, instead he makes a documentary about travelling the world. It’s such a carefree idea to travel around the world until the money runs out and it’s probably a pipe-dream of a lot of people watching this. The bold Helen Keller quote, ‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all’ really hammers home the theme that Nike gave Niestat, #makeitcount. The use of quotes from inspiring figures throughout only helps to reiterate this slogan. Mapping the journey in between country shots ties the film together really nicely. Shooting similar shots in several locations and tying them together with the transitions also helps to give the film a fantastic flow. The pause in the music when he’s cliff diving makes the viewer hold their breath until he hits the water and it makes for an excellent moment of concentrated clarity. Finishing with him re-entering the building he left at the beginning gives the video a cyclic feel, as if in 4 minutes, we have circumnavigated the world with him.

Starting with the phone call after they had broken up was a great way to start because it’s immediately engaging and the viewer wants to know how they got to this point. The reversed, stop motion titles are a wonderfully subtle way of showing a rewind back to the beginning of their relationship.  The box of old dv tapes is similar to the ‘ex-box’ that some people keep of memories of their exes which I think works well in this context. The mix of stop motion and documentary footage makes it feel a bit like a step by step guide to getting your ex back which is an element I didn’t like. I also thought that the part about the air conditioning was unnecessarily long. This documentary started off really promisingly but I just lost interest in the plot. I thought it was going to be a carefully considered study of how relationships work, using his as an example but a lot of it was taken up by a road trip I really didn’t care about.

The opening narration of this trailer is great. It starts off sounding like your typical mid-life crisis movie and then subtly slides in that bit of comedy before showing the logos. It then shows us the life of a man, trying to prove to the world that he still has what it takes to be successful and he isn’t just a one-trick-pony. It builds up how his life has fallen apart really well until the reveal of the fantastical elements of the film. I really love how it doesn’t confirm whether these elements are real or if they are a part of his psyche breaking down. This makes the viewer want to see the movie to confirm this and find out what happens to this man, if his tale ends in success or tragedy.

The way this trailer builds tension is excellent. It reflects the themes of the film really well with being wound too tight. It’s another trailer that makes you want to see if he stands up to this abusive teacher or if he snaps and it ends in tragedy. The cuts to producers and reviews, works with the music so smoothly that they don’t interrupt your viewing of the trailer in the slightest. I especially like the cuts between film footage and one word reviews as the drum quickens towards the end. The thin sans-serif type with the drop shadow used throughout was a perfect choice and I think it looks amazing. This is one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen, every element of it comes together so perfectly and it made me so excited and eager to see the film.

Having the song title and artist’s name over the opening instrumental makes this video feel like a short film. It makes the viewer think they are going on a journey through the song. The shots of circular objects and shapes builds up to the way the chorus is edited really nicely. It subtly builds up to quicker editing which is something I really like. The cuts between circles, shocked faces and Ezra singing in the chorus is perfectly in time with each time he says ‘O’ which visually illustrates it beautifully.

Many of the visual elements in these videos are things I would like to look at experimenting with when editing our film because I think by taking these as inspiration, we can make something really great.


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