As a part of our submission for this project, we have to submit a folder of our paperwork. This includes our Ethical Statement, Treatment, Risk Assessment and Contributor Release Forms amongst others.


This was the guide we were given for writing our ethical statement. When writing our statement this will be a very helpful guide to make sure we have all basis covered.


This was the risk assessment that we wrote covering all possible risks and how to prevent them. I think this will be easy enough to keep to as most of the prevention for these risks is down to having common sense.


This is a blank copy of our Contributor Release Form that we will give to everyone participating in our film so that we are covered on an ethical and legal basis.

Ethical statement

We will endeavour to prioritise the discussions and attitudes of participants when communicating the narrative of the film. We will consider the participants ideas and make a truthful depiction of the over 60s classes. The process, ourselves and the final outcome will treat and represent the individual participants with respect and integrity. We will ensure we make interviewees and the people we film comfortable by briefing them before hand, asking permission to film individuals and maintaining an on going dialogue with participants.

We will keep professional relationships and behaviour during filming. We will also protect the information of the participants, and not share their details in any public space.

To protect ourselves we will always film in a group, not share our own personal information and keep equipment and the group safe., by taking the right precautions.


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