Location Scouting and Recon

Our first day at Bramley Baths we decided to take notes on where to shoot interviews and get an idea of shots, equipment space and the general atmosphere of the classes we’re filming.

For the interviews of people who use the pool, we decided it would be good to film either pool side or the balcony above the pool so that we have the pool itself as a backdrop which would set the scene nicely.

For the interviews of people in the studio classes, we want to film in the studio because the lighting in there is really nice and having people setting up or packing up from the class would work for a back drop.


Notes made about Zumba Gold

Music may be a problem because of licensing laws

If we come in early, we can film the class coming in

Close up shots of hands and feet would look nice

Possibly shoot above shots from the tripod up high

Pretty much exclusively women

It’s a very energetic class

When they clap at the end, it makes a really nice sound

There are spots in the room where the camera and team wouldn’t be seen in the mirror

Shots in between songs of people talking, smiling and laughing would highlight community

See if we can get a chest mount so that we can do some moving shots

Chest mount would reflect energy

Shots of the room before/after the class – calm before/after the storm.

After the class we talked to Tracey about our initial thoughts and what she wanted from this film. She liked a lot of our suggestions of approach. Some of the things she noted that she wanted was to make sure we got an even gender split, interview Jennie, the instructor for several classes and capture the energy and community present in the baths.


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