Briefing – Over 60’s

This project, we have to create a 3-5 minute documentary in groups about a group that uses the facilities at Bramley Baths. The group I was given was the Over 60’s opportunities.

The film we make will be in close collaboration with Bramley Baths, working to their brief. We are making films for people, to people, meaning that this is in part promotional but also documenting the happenings and experience of going to the baths.

We were told we had to plan, produce, make shoot and edit this film, dividing the work equally between the six of us. This film is to be a documentary with perspective, it needs to be more than a solely promotional. Ethical concerns are also something to be considered during the process which is why one of our first tasks is to write an ethical statement.

After the briefing, we went to Bramley Baths to meet Tracey and Courtney who would be supervising us.

Tracey told us that the baths has a lot of history and is completely community lead which I think is an element we could include in our film.

The groups our production team will be focused on are Zumba Gold, Aqua Zumba, Aqua Aerobics, Core Ball and any regulars who are over 60 and have been coming to the baths for a while. Tracey also wants us to include information about the gardening program and some of the outreach work their doing.

From what she says, it sounds like we have a lot of things to get footage of so I think we can create a very interesting film.


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