Initial poster design and final ideas feedback

Scan 173

I showed this initial poster design, initial sketches and told my list of topics to several people and this was their feedback:

“If it’s about consent then it should be more unisex”

“I think you should have a guy there as well, consent takes two people”

“You need to tell guys about consent too”

“I like the idea and format, the colours are really pretty”

“It looks quite scruffy at the moment but it’ll be better when printed”

“It’s a really necessary campaign”

“I didn’t learn about a lot of this in school”

“It’s a nice theme, very relevant”

“Many teachers try to scare you, this isn’t scary”

“STIs is a good one to talk about, they just tell you not to get them”

Once I had taken on this feedback, I showed people my final 5 designs

“The contraception one is good but I’m not 100% sure what’s coming out of the packet, it looks like flames”

“I like how the contraception one is subtle but still shows it”

“I really like the healthy relationships one, it’s inclusive of different kinds of relationships”

“I like how uncomfortable the orange hand looks, but it could be more so to emphasise it”

“I think it’s nice, it shows togetherness and happiness” – About healthy relationships

“It’s really good” -About Consent

“It’s hard to tell it’s about consent without the words on it”

“The different figures’ stances are a nice visual cue”

“The odd mix of colours illustrates it well” -About STIs

“The colours clash a bit too much” – About STIs

“The colours don’t work in those places, it could work if you changed them” – About STIs

“I like how it’s not just focusing on one STI”

“The swab looks like a tiny lollipop”

“You need the text to know what it’s about” – STIs

“It’s really cute” – About Body Positivity

“It reminds me of actimel adverts but more colourful” – About Body Positivity

“I like it, it’s so loving” – About Body Positivity

“Putting the hands on a stomach is good, so many people hate their stomachs”



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