A new experience – Wearing no shoes in college for a week

I debated for a long time what my experience would be and eventually decided on wearing no shoes, to mimic the way that kids skip around barefoot and carefree. I walked to college in shoes but before I got through the gates I took my shoes off and put them back on when I got out of the gates again.


Day 1


‘Aren’t you going to be cold?’
‘What if you get glass in your feet?’
‘Did you lose your shoes’
‘I walked home barefoot in the snow once’
‘You must be freezing’


I was cold all day, especially when I went outside. I got a lot of weird looks. It was very freeing and relaxing to be barefoot. I kept stubbing my toes. Going to the bathroom was horrible.

Day 2


I was screen printing at Vernon street and the workshop staff told me I had to wear shoes in the workshop so I added the rule of taking them off and putting them on outside the workshop door. The first thing people I knew noticed was that I wasn’t at Blenheim, then they noticed my lack of shoes. Most people didn’t understand the idea.

Day 3


It was raining all day, so, already being ill, I deemed it a bad idea to walk barefoot on wet floors.

Day 4


It was raining again today but I was feeling better so I decided I would continue the experience. I was sat in the COP lecture and noticed my ankle was bleeding from where I’d burst a blister on Tuesday, luckily my friend had a plaster I could put on it.


End of the week

It felt very free not wearing shoes but I also felt very vulnerable. I had to be very careful and watch my feet so I didn’t drop things on them, stub my toes or get stood on.


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