Idea generation and anonymous comments

We had an idea generation workshop where we had a few minutes to note down as many ideas as we could think of, without differentiating if they were good or not.

Scan 188

After this, we had to pick one of these ideas to draw a sketch of.

Scan 166

We had to then show this sketch to people we knew, without telling them that it was our work to see what they thought of it and what it meant.

Scan 167

Most people understood what my work meant but some got a different meaning from it. If I developed this rough sketch into a proper piece, then I would have to find a way that I could make sure the meaning I want people to interpret is the one they do.


A new experience – Wearing no shoes in college for a week

I debated for a long time what my experience would be and eventually decided on wearing no shoes, to mimic the way that kids skip around barefoot and carefree. I walked to college in shoes but before I got through the gates I took my shoes off and put them back on when I got out of the gates again.


Day 1


‘Aren’t you going to be cold?’
‘What if you get glass in your feet?’
‘Did you lose your shoes’
‘I walked home barefoot in the snow once’
‘You must be freezing’


I was cold all day, especially when I went outside. I got a lot of weird looks. It was very freeing and relaxing to be barefoot. I kept stubbing my toes. Going to the bathroom was horrible.

Day 2


I was screen printing at Vernon street and the workshop staff told me I had to wear shoes in the workshop so I added the rule of taking them off and putting them on outside the workshop door. The first thing people I knew noticed was that I wasn’t at Blenheim, then they noticed my lack of shoes. Most people didn’t understand the idea.

Day 3


It was raining all day, so, already being ill, I deemed it a bad idea to walk barefoot on wet floors.

Day 4


It was raining again today but I was feeling better so I decided I would continue the experience. I was sat in the COP lecture and noticed my ankle was bleeding from where I’d burst a blister on Tuesday, luckily my friend had a plaster I could put on it.


End of the week

It felt very free not wearing shoes but I also felt very vulnerable. I had to be very careful and watch my feet so I didn’t drop things on them, stub my toes or get stood on.

Material play

We had to use a material related to our project so I decided to do some work with make up. I used a mix of eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara, lip gloss, highlight lip pens, eyeliner and lipgloss

Scan 165Scan 163Scan 162Scan 164Scan 161Scan 158Scan 159Scan 160

I then tried to make a blob of lipstick look like gum and a lollipop


Finally I photographed and videoed myself putting my makeup on the way 3 year olds do when they’re playing with it and just smear it on their faces.



Visual Play

To start of my development for COP1 I did some 2 minute sketches to get some ideas out on paper.

Scan 186Scan 187

I then started refining these sketches by doing a few others in more detail

Scan 171Scan 172

Then I moved onto screen printing my ideas and adding to them with fine liner

Scan 149Scan 150Scan 151Scan 152Scan 153Scan 154Scan 155Scan 156Scan 157