Storybook Research – Kelly Strøm

I fell in love with worse things happen at sea the minute I saw it, it’s a beautiful and simply way of illustrated storytelling in a format accessible to anyone, even those who aren’t a fan of reading.

The simple colour palette mixed with the sheer amount of detail makes this as much a piece of art as it is a book. The story of a sea monster downing a ship and killing all aboard is one that has been around for centuries, haunting sailors throughout history and inspiring stories such as Moby Dick and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

It’s an artful re imagining of a timeless legend that breathes new life into it and has the potential to inspire a new wave of readers who didn’t think that books could be their thing and that picture books were reserved for toddlers and Enid Blighton.

The concertina format works wonderfully and it’s definitely something that I want to experiment with. I love how it’s easy to skim across and then it draws you back in to intricately dissect the details. You can discover something new every time you read it which is a quality that elevates ordinarily amazing books to become my favourites.


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