Palette Tests

I decided to start off with, I would experiment with possible materials and papers to work on. I’ve always been drawn mostly to pens and pencils so that’s mostly what I tested with.

I thought using a different paper would look nice but thinking on scanning it in, it could end up looking quite messy so I think that I’ll just stick to white to make post-editing easier. I also looked at using letter stamps to do my text. As much as I like the slight misregistrations around the serif type, I think in block text it wouldn’t work so well.

I found watercolour was a bit too messy and I couldn’t get the precision I was looking for in my work. Coloured pen proved to be far too bold as well and there wasn’t much scope for shading apart from varying the density of pen coverage. I think a mixture of pencil crayon and fine liner will work best for the style of illustration I’ve been thinking about doing, maybe with some pencil in places to add some extra tone to it.

Doing palette tests has given me plenty to experiment with so now I can start drawing up my illustrations.


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